Complete range of Crushers, Scrap / Steel Shears, Grabs, Pulverisers and much more. Covering a range from 0.8 Tonne through to 200 metric tonnes.


All CJ JH Plant & Tools TocDem Hydraulic Hammers are designed using the latest technology, advances in engineering & to the very highest specification. These units are able to easily cope with the demands of any Demolition, Mining, Construction or Utility site.


GR grapples are made of particularly wear-resistant steels which allow the demolition of brick structures, timber and other types of materials. The particular design of our machines favours the selection of materials deriving from demolition in order to facilitate recycling and handling.


SH Shears are made entirely of HARDOX and STRENX, which makes them suitable for the demolition of tanks, pipes and structures in  steel and iron. The high cutting force ensures precise and fast work, thus  guaranteeing maximum efficiency in all conditions.


The RV series has been designed to fulfill the functions of primary and secondary demolition. Manufactured specifically with HARDOX for maximum wear and tear resistance, the RV hydraulic rotating pulverisers are equipped with a regenerative circuit for a responsive opening and closing of their powerful jaws. The RV series is further strengthened by a hydraulic rotation (360°) that allows maximum precision for pulveriser  placement in any working condition.


FPV Series, manufactured in HARDOX, is specifically designed to work on the ground, making it ideal for all secondary demolition needs. Perfect for recycling and crushing, the FPV series is perfect for recycling and pulverisation work.


The ultimate expression of functionality and versatility. One tool, multiple kits. The MC Series features an innovative “PRV” (Pressure Relief Valve) that protects the pulveriser from high pressure. Reinforced strength and durability from being manufactured with HARDOX 400. An innovative interchangeable teeth system.


From the forest to wood waste recycling, our hydraulic wood shears are perfect for the downsizing of logs, railroad sleepers, tree stumps and wood demolition waste. The powerful jaws of the LIV wood shears are built to attack even the toughest deforestation jobs.


The entire RS crushers series has been designed to meet the most stringent requirements of primary demolition. Designed with particular care to materials, the RS crushers demolish reinforced concrete structures, significantly reducing noise and vibration.


HD series increase with a new primary demolition series which is aimed to the professionals who need ever higher performance without sacrificing solidity and ease of use.

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